Stunning Facts and Trivia About the Human Body


Our bodies contain full of wonders and new discoveries are still being discovered up to this day! There are a number of things our body could do that not many of us are well aware about.  Read along the contents we have along to know more about some of the simple trivia and facts about the human body.

Did you know that you add seven miles of new blood vessels for every pound of fat your body produces? Out tissues regularly need blood supply and so it is just important that your vascular system expands just so the new production is accommodated accordingly. With more of these things being supplied to your body, your heart will also work harder to ensure that the blood is pumped to the new network, reducing oxygenation replenishment to the other networks. On the other hand, if you are to lose a pound of fat from your body, all of the unneeded blood vessels from the previous tissue will be broken down for the body to absorb.

Have you ever wondered how efficient your muscle tissues are? Your muscle tissues actually is more efficient at burning calories as opposed to burning fat. In fact, it is more efficient up to three times. This basically has led to more people wanting to achieve more muscles, especially since more muscles mean you will have burned more calories, which then leads to having less fat, as well as a more fit body.

You want to get taller? You can easily do it in the morning. It has been found that you actually are about and inch and a half taller in the morning as opposed to how tall you are in the evening. This basically is made possible because of the excess fluid you have between your spinal discs. Sleeping means these liquids are being replenished and that discs are being compressed as you stress you back throughout the entire day.

Digesting is a task your stomach just can’t stop doing. Anything that goes in has to be digested. This is the main reason why your stomach creates a new lining every three days just so it could avoid digesting itself down the line. During digestion, your stomach produces HA or hydrochloric acid, which is a powerful corrosive compound that is used to treat metals and such. Thanks to your stomach’s mucous lining that keeps your stomach walls from being digested. You may also read more about trivia games at

More and more discoveries are being made each day and it is just essential that we take adequate precautions to keep our body safe and fit. Check this website at and learn more!


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